The Leak – News dedicated to leaks

The Leak just launched as the only news website specialising in leaks in politics, tech, gaming, music and film.


From revealing classified documents to designs and specs for the newest Apple product, upcoming game leaks, to just released footage for an upcoming film, a team of journalists is making sure the most current information can be found on The Leak.


Unlike Wikileaks which publishes information sent directly to the site, The Leak uses journalists and writers to collect information across the internet landscape to make sure it can be found in one place.

“Leaks are a huge part of our current political and entertainment news,” editor in chief Staffan Ulmert said.  “Yet, there is no one in the media landscape which specialises in them, until now.”


Ulmert also founded the website, Has It Leaked, a music community and online magazine which reports on information for upcoming albums and gives fans access as early as possible.  As one of the biggest music communities, Has it Leaked has hundreds of thousands of members and millions of visitors per month.  Ulmert’s expertise in the field of leaks in the music industry has been featured in  The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, BBC World, Vice, The New Yorker and Washington Post. Ulmert believes the same success will happen for The Leak.

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