3 Best BMX Tires For Riding In The Street

3 Best BMX Tires For Riding In The Street

BMX is an exciting sport that has taken the world by storm in recent years. As more and more people get into it, the demand for BMX tires has also increased. Luckily, there are a number of great BMX tires out there that offer good performance and durability. In this article, we will take a look at three of the best BMX tires for riding on the street. We will discuss their features, pros, and cons so that you can make the best decision for your riding needs.

What are BMX Tires?

BMX tires are specifically designed for the sport of BMX. They’re made of much softer rubber than typical bicycle tires, which means they’re better suited for rougher surfaces like pavement and dirt. They also tend to be wider than other bike tires, providing more stability when you’re on the move.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about buying BMX tires. For one thing, they don’t typically hold up as well as regular bicycle tires when it comes to riding on trails or in extreme weather conditions. And since BMX bikes are generally designed for street use only, you may not need the extra durability that comes with mountain bike tires.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what kind of tire is best suited for your specific needs. But if you’re looking for something that will give you great stability when riding on pavement or dirt, a BMX tire may be the perfect option for you.

Types of BMX Tires

There are a few different types of BMX tires, each with its own pros and cons.

conventional mountain bike tires
street bike tires
cruiser tire
dirt bike tire
skateboard tire

Conventional Mountain Bike Tires: Conventional mountain bike tires are the most common type, and they’re great for riding on pavement or hard-packed trails. They’re also good for beginners because they’re easy to control and don’t require a lot of skill to ride. However, conventional mountain bike tires aren’t very well suited for off-road riding because they lack traction in soft soil and sand.

Street Bike Tires: Street bike tires are designed for use on pavement, streets, and other smooth surfaces. They provide good grip and stability while riding, which is important in urban areas where cars and other traffic are present. However, street bike tires don’t handle well on unpaved roads or gravel trails. Additionally, street bikes tend to be more expensive than conventional mountain bikes, so if you plan to use your bike primarily on paved surfaces then a street bike tire may be the best option for you.

Cruiser Tire: Cruiser tires were originally designed as a replacement for traditional motorcycle motorcycle tires. They offer good handling characteristics while still providing adequate traction on smooth surfaces. Cruisers are popular among riders who want an affordable option that still offers dependable performance. Because cruisers are designed

Factors to Consider When Buying BMX Tires

There are a few key factors to consider when purchasing BMX tires. Size is important, but so is the type of surface you’ll be riding on. The kind of terrain you’ll be traversing will also influence what type of tire you need.

For street riding, a 70-80 psi tire is ideal. For dirt and gravel, 65-70 psi may work better. On hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, 80-85 psi is ideal. If you’re planning on riding in sand or mud, stick with 85 psi or higher.

In addition to the type of surface you’ll be using your tire on, your weight and height will also play a role in selecting the correct size. A taller rider typically needs a bigger tire than someone who’s shorter, and someone who weighs more will require a larger tire than someone who weighs less. BMX riders typically range from 5′ to 6’1″, so look for tires that are at least 18″ inches wide.

The Best BMX Tires for Riding In the Street

There are a few different types of BMX tires that you can use for riding on the street. A street tire is designed for actual riding on the street, while a dirt or dirt/gravel tire is designed for riding in dirt or gravel terrain. There are also hybrid tires that combine the best features of both types of tires.

The most important thing to consider when choosing BMX tire is its width. You want to make sure that the width of your tire matches the width of your bike frame. If your frame is wider than your tire, you will have to get a rimmed wheel to fit it, and vice-versa. Most BMX bikes come with rims that are wide enough to fit standard BMX tires.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a BMX tire is its hardness. The harder the tire, the better it will grip the ground and resist puncture. But harder tires also weigh more and wear out faster. So it’s important to find a balance between durability and gripiness.

There are many different brands of BMX tires available on the market, so it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Some popular brands include Schwalbe, Kenda, Maxxis, and Dunlop.


It’s important to have the right tires for your BMX bike if you want to ride it in the street. Choosing the wrong ones could severely damage your bike and end up costing you a lot of money. In this article, we are going to recommend three of the best BMX tires that will suit most riders. Make sure to read our reviews first so that you can make an informed decision about which tire is right for you.


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